Welcome to the ETC updates!

In 2019 we are celebrating a decade of success of our European Technology Centre (ETC). Located at our European Headquarters in Worcester, the ETC first opened its doors in 2009, and in that time we have hosted more than 33,000 visitors.

The ETC is home to many Mazak events, customer meetings, seminars and training. It is a busy showroom showcasing the latest technology of Mazak and its partners.

In this section of our website, we will be providing regular updates about the current machines displayed inside, new arrivals,  event announcements and anything else taking place in the ETC.

Machines currently shown in the European Technology Center


October 2019

October Updates

Following a successful week at EMO 2019 in September, from the 1st October we will be welcoming four new machines to the line-up at our European Technology Centre in Worcester.

The first is the INTEGREX e-1250V/8S AG. It is the specialist gear cutting version of the INTEGREX e-1250V/8 range of high rigidity vertical Multi-Tasking machines specially designed for large workpieces up to Ø1,500 mm x 1,600 mm in height. The AG series, which stands for Auto Gear, are high specification machines with specialist hardware, unique software and metrology which, in combination, produce highly accurate gears compared to conventional CNC machining. The machine features a 40kW 500 rpm main spindle along with a 10,000 rpm milling spindle and is capable of rapid traverse rates of 42m/min in the X-, Y- and Z-axes.

Also on display will be the INTEGREX i-300S AM, which utilises a world-leading additive manufacturing system, in combination with a Multi-Tasking machining centre, to deliver a true DONE-IN-ONE solution combining both subtractive and additive manufacturing techniques.

The third new machine will be the INTEGREX i-450H ST. Featuring a twelve-inch chuck and an enlarged 300 mm Y-axis stroke enabling it to handle large complex workpieces up to Ø670 mm,  it also comes equipped with a powerful 3,300 rpm, 37 kW main spindle and 4,000 rpm second spindle. 

The INTEGREX i-450H ST will also be integrated with a highly flexible automation cell designed to maximise Multi-Tasking capability in unmanned production of complex and varied workpieces. The highly innovative cell features an articulated robot with five different stocker carts housing robot hands, chuck jaws, tooling, shaft and chuck workpieces.

The final new machine for October will be the QTG-50 SG, Mazak’s gang-tooling CNC turning centre complete with the integrated Robo-Cell automation system. Allowing for the high-efficiency machining of high-precision small components across multiple sectors, the design of its high-speed, high-accuracy integral spindle delivers more power to the tool tip. The compact Robo-Cell features Direct Robot Control providing teachingless operation easy setup

September Updates

September Updates

There will be a new addition to our current machine line-up this month at our European Technology Centre in Worcester.

Part of Mazak’s Auto Gear (AG) series, the INTEGREX i-200ST AG is a high-specification 5-axis Multi-Tasking machine tool, which features a 22kW 5000rpm main spindle, 18.5kW second spindle, and a 24kW 12,000rpm milling spindle. It is equipped with specialist software for manufacturing highly accurate gears, and can machine gears up to 1519mm in length, and Ø658mm or Ø420mm (depending on turret).

August 2019

August Updates

We are adding two new machines to the current line-up this month at our European Technology Centre in Worcester.

The first is the INTEGREX i-200ST AG. Part of Mazak’s Auto Gear series, the i-200ST AG is a hybrid Multi-Tasking machine. It incorporates specialist software and hardware for high-speed, high-accuracy gear skiving, gear milling and gear hobbing, plus deburring and probing cycles for phase detection and gear profile measurement. Equipped with 22kW 5000rpm main spindle, 18.5kW 5000rpm second spindle, and a 24kW 12,000rpm milling spindle the INTEGREX i-200ST AG can efficiency handle workpieces up to Ø658mm or Ø420mm (depending on turret).

Also arriving will be the QT-COMPACT 300MY L turning centre. Manufactured in Mazak’s Liaoning facility in China, this entry-level machine is equipped with a 10” chuck and high-rigidity 15kW 4000rpm main spindle. The machine on display at the ETC will feature a milling spindle and Y-axis, and is controlled by Mazak’s SmoothC CNC.

July 2019

July Updates

We will be holding the annual Technology, Design and Innovation (TDI) Challenge at our European Technology Centre (ETC) this month to celebrate the great work of the UK’s D&T and engineering students.

Organised by the Manufacturing Technologies Association to inspire students into the manufacturing sector, the TDI Challenge involves a tour of the ETC and will take place on July 3rd. The ETC will also host the Central European Mazak International Machine Tool Association (MIMTA) for a July 4th meeting, and two meetings of the Italian MIMTA on July 5th and 12th. YMX EMO training will take place on July 10th.

June 2019

June Updates

We will be showcasing a wide variety of automation solutions at the ‘Manufacturing Solutions NOW’ Open House, which takes place at our European Technology Centre (ETC) this month.

The ETC will also host UK product and factory training on June 10th, and a meeting of the European members of the Mazak International Machine Tool Association on June 19th. The Open House, which will showcase productive solutions for British manufacturers, will take place from June 11th-13th. Among the 22 machines displayed will be the QUICK TURN 250MSY, QT-COMPACT 300M, OPTIPLEX 3015 FIBER III 4kW and VTC-760 Siemens. The HQR-250MSY will also make its UK debut.

May 2019

May Updates

Three new machines have been added to the current line-up at our European Technology Centre in Worcester, this month. The first is the INTEGREX i-400S, a full 5-axis Multi-Tasking model designed for the high-precision machining of medium-to-large components.

It will be joined by the VTC-800/30 SR vertical machining centre, which features a high-speed 40 Taper spindle, swivel spindle head (B-axis), full traveling column design and fixed table for machining of extremely long and heavy workpieces.

The final new addition will be the HQR-250MSY turning centre which features a highly productive twin-spindle, twin-turret configuration for high-volume throughput.