The pressure to increase productivity, quality and to supply more and more information to customers…

… from machine utilisation rates through to 3D simulations of 5-axis programmes, is already filtering down the supply chain to even the smallest machine shop.

For this reason, Mazak has developed SMOOTH Technology, a CNC that has the capability to bring the Industry 4.0 principles of connectivity, productivity and data analytics into any manufacturing plant, factory or machine shop.

SMOOTH Technology can act as the catalyst for the introduction of Industry 4.0. At its core is the ability to gather and analyse data, enabling the factory floor and management suite to make better, faster decisions, improving yield and speeding up production.

Crucially, it is entirely scalable. As production increases and new machines or automation equipment are introduced, SMOOTH Technology can be quickly scaled up to match the new requirements of the organisation.

In an Industry 4.0 factory every aspect of production is connected, monitored and analysed, from production scheduling through to virtual simulation of the component to be cut, energy consumption, tool management and maintenance practices. The goal is to deliver more productivity and better quality products with less machine downtime.