Mazak’s commitment to Industry 4.0 is not a concept or an aspiration.

Our commitment to Industry 4.0 goes beyond merely providing the platform, SMOOTH Technology that can act as the catalyst for its implementation.

Rather, our commitment extends to building our Mazak iSMART factories, which take Industry 4.0 principles and apply them to our own production facilities.

Our first Mazak iSMART Factory™ pilot was started at our facility in Kentucky in the United States in 2015. Since then, we have continued to expand the concept, first to our global headquarters in Oguchi in early 2017 and then at our Singapore factory in June 2017. Our latest Mazak iSMART Factory™, at Inabe in Japan, is due to become operational in 2018.


New generation CNC and Smooth Process Support software for factory management.
“SMART BOX” for factory cyber security, analytics and monitoring.
Open source, royalty free manufacturing protocol provides data in structured XML with Standardised definitions.

The iSMART factory concept takes Industry 4.0 principles and brings them alive using SMOOTH Technology to control every aspect of a factory’s operations, scheduling production, monitoring and analysing performance, and all the time sharing relevant information in a secure environment.

We are taking learnings from implementing Industry 4.0 in our own iSMART factories and using this knowledge to drive innovation for our customers. New machines, new CNC and new automation systems, connected together and not only driving productivity, but also driving Industry 4.0 principles through the supply chain.