Maintaining machine uptime and productivity is vital and rests on the ability to accurately diagnose potential machinery problems in advance.

Every hour of machining time that is lost costs money and is damaging to customer relationships.

Modern maintenance practices are relying increasingly on planned and preventive maintenance techniques, such as condition monitoring, rather than reactive maintenance procedures, which are only actioned when a critical fault occurs.

But, it is also vital that OEM service support is targeted only on critical machine issues and that call-outs for machine servicing and mission-critical repair are used sparingly.

SMOOTH Technology is equipped with a number of intelligent functions that can aid the diagnosis of machinery problems and ensure that maintenance support is focused and targeted to where it is really needed.

SMOOTH Spindle Analytics is a key tool in identifying the temperature, vibration and displacement of the spindle, providing data that can help prevent machine problems and reduce production loss.

Mazak technicians can also remotely monitor a machine’s performance, identifying operational machine issues that can then be elevated to the customer’s maintenance teams for result in a service call by a Mazak technician.

With the free-flow of data and open systems that is required for Industry 4.0 there are clear threats to security, particularly for those manufacturers operating in sensitive sectors, such as nuclear or aerospace, or with highly restricted customer agreements in place.

In response to these security concerns, Mazak has partnered with CISCO to develop the SMART BOX state-of-the-art cyber security system.

The SMART BOX provides advanced cyber security protection allied to exceptional analytical insight, including access to live data streams in cycle, feed rate reports and completion reports.

The SMART BOX system can monitor data from any machine regardless of manufacturer, age or CNC and has the ability to provide greater throughput, faster decision making and higher productivity.


  • Provides advanced cyber security protection by a state-of-theart Cisco networking platform and Layer3 Managed Switch industrialised for the factory environment.


  • Provides insight from utilisation of individual machines, to entire manufacturing cells.
  • Open standard provides freedom to choose any third-party analytical software platforms software.
  • Utilises FOG computing concept created by Cisco; extending cloud computing to the edge of an enterprise’s network. Also known as Edge Computing.


  • Monitors data from any machine regardless of manufacturer, age and CNC.
  • Yields higher throughput, increased ultisation and lowered downtime.