Prodotto: Horizontal

Compact high speed horizontal machining center for mass production FFn-5000/40


  • Compact floor space

Suitable for mass production machining line of every size of parts from small size parts to large components such as cylinder blocks.

  • High productivity

Reduced non-cutting time thanks to high speed acceleration and rapid traverse rate.

Feedrate     (X, Y, Z-axes)     :     62000 mm/min
Max. acceleration     (X-axes)     :     0.7 G
                                 (Y-axes)     :     1.0 G
                                 (Z-axes)     :     1.5 G
Spindle acceleration time           :     1.4sec (0→12000min-1)

  • High reliability

All machine linear motion is in the column to isolate the ball screws from machined chips.
Tools are directly changed to/from the spindle to the tool magazine to ensure high reliabiliy.

  • Automation

Fixed table construction provides convenient automatic fixture mounting for exceptional versatility.
Machines with the standard B-axis machine and machines with the optional A-axis can be integrated in the same production line.


  • MAZATROL SmoothC, the advanced CNC designed for ease of operation - standard equipment
  • The MAZATROL SmoothC CNC is standard equipment and the Fanuc 32i is optionally available.

Note : Maximum workpiece width is 674mm because the width of front door is 674mm.(φ720 is maximum workpiece diameter including jig.)



Specifiche macchina

Macchina Standard Values
Capacità Massimo diametro pezzo lavorabile 720 mm
Massima altezza pezzo lavorabile 715 mm
Corsa asse X 510 mm
Corsa asse Y 550 mm
Corsa asse Z 550 mm
Mandrino (standard) Attacco mandrino ISO40
Massima velocità di rotazione mandrino 12,000 min-¹
Potenza mandrino (40% ED) 18.5 kW
Potenza mandrino (in continuo) 15.0 kW
Avanzamento assi Avanzamento in rapido (assi X/Y/Z) 62 m/min
Tavola e pallet Larghezza pallet 500 mm
Lunghezza pallet 500 mm
Cambio utensile automatico/magazzino Capienza magazzino utensili (standard) 20
Tipologia attacco utensile MAS BT-40 /CAT-40 / HSK-A-63
Dimensione macchina Larghezza 1,500 mm
Lunghezza 4,000 mm