Prodotto: Vertical

High Efficiency Vertical Machining Center

  • 18000 rpm, 1120N・m (826 ft・lbf), 30kW (40HP) [50%ED] Integral spindle / motor is designed for the high speed machining of aluminum and high speed finish machining of dies and molds.
  • Highest productivity in this class of vertical machining centers.
  • Reduced cycle times thanks to high speed feedrate, acceleration / deceleration and tool change
  • Feedrate 52 m/min (2047 IPM) … spindle speed 18000 rpm
  • Tool-to-tool … 1.3 seconds
  • Unique Mazak heat compensation system - THERMAL SHIELD
  • Excellent accessibility thanks to two front doors providing wide opening - large window for convenient monitoring of machining
  • Linear roller guides and ball screw core cooling on the X-, Y-, and Z- axes are standard equipment
  • MAZATROL SmoothC, the advanced CNC designed for ease of operation - standard equipment
  • The MAZATROL SmoothG CNC is optionally available

* Standard equipment CNC system varies by market

Specifiche macchina

Macchina Standard Values
Capacità Lunghezza tavola 900 mm
Larghezza tavola 430 mm
Mandrino Attacco mandrino CAT40
Massima velocità di rotazione 18,000 min-¹
Potenza mandrino (50%ED) 30.0 kW
Avanzamento assi Avanzamento in rapido (asse X) 52 m/min
Avanzamento in rapido (asse Y) 52 m/min
Avanzamento in rapido (asse Z) 52 m/min
Tavola Larghezza tavola 430 mm
Lunghezza tavola 900 mm
Cambio utensile automatico Massima capienza magazzino (standard) 30
Attacco utensile BT40
Dimensioni macchina Larghezza 2,069 mm
Lunghezza 2,906 mm