Product: Laser

Simple, Compact, High-performance Laser processing machine to provide the maximum value

OPTIPLEX NEXUS series utilizes a flying optics, 2 pallet changer design (OPTION) and a helical rack and pinion positioning system that features high cutting speeds, maximum throughput and rugged construction.

A variety of Intelligent Function provides incomparable operator support for exceptional ease of operation and the optimum machine efficiency.


  • Less floor space is realized by integrated oscillator and power panel


  • Compact Manufacturing Cell and FMS can be selected to meet a wide range of production requirements


  • The sliding door along the X-axis gives excellent accessibility to the working area for maximum flexibility in the small lots job.

Simple input function for machining shape

  • Round, square and ellipse shape can easily be programmed by selecting a patterned shape and inputting numerical values even multiple hole machining

Machine Specifications

2.5 kW Laser Values
Model characteristics Type Flying Optics Type
Workpiece Maximum size 1525 x 3050 mm
Work table Height 900 mm
Axis Stroke X axis 3,100 mm
Y axis 1,580 mm
Z axis 150 mm
Rapid Traverse Rate X, Y 60 m/min
Z 60 m/min
Positioning Accuracy X axis, Y axis ±0,05 / 500 mm
Z axis ±0,01 / 100 mm
Positioning Repeatability X axis, Y axis, Z axis ± 0.03 mm
Machine Weight 11,000 kg
Sound Less than 80dB