Product: Laser

High-precision, CO2 laser processing machine

  • It has an extremely high machining performance and is provided with various functions that improve its operability and reduce its setup time. 
  • Intelligent Functions for automatic setup ensure optimized cutting
  • SUPER TURBO-X 1212 performs continuous cutting of different materials and thicknesses without any change to the machine setup
  • Rotary machine table, large windows to monitor cutting and swivelling CNC operation panel provide unsurpassed ease of operation
  • The machine is rationally designed to have high rigidity, high cutting performance,  accuracy and thus very high reliability.

Machine Specifications

2.5 kW Laser Values
Model characteristics Maximum work piece size X-Y 1250 mm x 1250 mm
Work table height 900 mm
Axis travel X-Y 1270 mm x 1270 mm
Z axis travel 130 mm
Rapid traverse rate Z 25 m/min
Design Flying Optics
Axis drive system X1/X2 - Y Digital servo drive, ball screw
Axis drive system Z Digital servo drive, belts
Positional accuracy X-Y +/- 0.01 / 500 mm
Positional accuracy Z +/- 0.01 / 100 mm
Repeatability X-Y-Z +/- 0.005 mm
Cutting head With lens of focal distance: 7.5‘’
Z axis profiler Non-contact type/ Z-axis follow type
Lighting system LED light
Operation status indicator lights Yellow/laser source on, red/laser beam on
Programmable assist gas ports 3 types(Oxygen,air,and assist gas)
Noise level laser Maximum 80 dBA
System weight 8,100 kg
Laser Generator Specification Resonator style CO₂ gas
Power stability ± 2%
Control Specification Name MAZATROL PREVIEW 3
CPU 64bit
Data input Touch screen
Monitor 15" XGA Colour TFT
Graphic preview display 3D tool path
Memory storage 16 GB
Input ports USB 2.0 x 3 ports
Network connection LAN 1 port (100/1000 BASE)
Controlled axis function Simultaneous 4-axis control(X-,Y-,Z- and W-axes),Z-axis profiling control also p
Minimum input command 0.001 mm
Servo system Digital
Position system Encoder

4.0 kW Laser Values
SPECIFICATION DATA For further information about this product: Please contact your local Mazak representative using the contact link above.