Product: 5-Axis

Multiple-surface / Simultaneous 5-axis machining center.

VARIAXIS i series

The latest generation MAZAK 5-axis machining center designed for multi-surface machining delivering reduced in-process time, high accuracy and unrivalled machine ergonomics.

Unsurpassed high-speed, high-accuracy performance. Max spindle speed 12,000 rpm (Option: 18,000 rpm, 30,000 rpm)

Largest machining envelope: table size Ø500mm (i-500), Ø600mm (i-600), Ø700 mm (i-700), Ø800mm (i-800).

Machine Specifications

Standard Machine Values
CAPACITY Maximum workpiece diameter 800 mm
Maximum workpiece height 500 mm
X-axis stroke (saddle right/left movement) 730 mm
Y-axis stroke (column back/forth movement) 850 mm
Z-axis stroke (spindle up/down movement) 560 mm
A-axis (table tilt) travel amount/indexing 0.0001° -120° to +30° (axis control)
C-axis (table rotation) travel amount/indexing 0.0001° ±360° (axis control)
SPINDLE Spindle speed maximum (standard spec.) 10,000 min-¹
FEED RATES Rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z) 42 m/min
Rapid traverse rate (A/C) 50 min-¹
ATC & TOOL MAGAZINE Tool storage capacity (standard) 30
Tool storage capacity (option) 40/80/120
Tool shank type MAS BT50 or CAT No. 50