Siemens Controls on Mazak Machines

Mazak have worked closely with Siemens to fully integrate the Siemens SINUMERIK control onto a range of Mazak machine tools for users who have standardised on Siemens control and want to continue with a single solution.

The Siemens 840D sl is a premium industrial standard CNC control. Siemens controls are currently the most widely used machine tool controls in Europe and are a standard requirement in some aerospace and automotive supply chains. Combined with the build quality synonymous with Mazak, the integration of Siemens control extends Mazak machine capability to a wider market sector – allowing users to realise the benefits of using Mazak machines without having to incorporate a new operator interface into their operations.

Targeting existing Siemens operators, Mazak worked closely with Siemens to integrate the control onto a number of Mazak machine models. The integration follows the standard Siemens protocol, allowing operators to transition from other Siemens-controlled machines to Mazak Siemens machines with total confidence.

Custom cycles and screens have been built into the Siemens control, combining standard Siemens operations with OEM-specific functionality, such as automatic setting of machine kinematics, tool change recovery and tool length setting.

The 840D sl control has been integrated onto a range of Mazak 5-axis machining centres, including the :

  • VTC-800 series
  • INTEGREX e-500H II
  • INTGREX e-670H II
  • INTEGREX e-1250/V8 II

The Siemens 828D control has been integrated into the 

  • VTC-530C
  • VTC-760C

range of machine tools. Both Siemens 840D sl and 828D controls share the common SINUMERIK Operate HMI.

Teams of sales, applications, service and support engineers, all fully-trained on Siemens controls, are located throughout Europe. They are able to offer support to Mazak Siemens customers, ranging from machine design, through to electrical design, machine build, machine testing, machine quality, machine installation, applications engineering and service.