Machine Tool CADCAM System    

MAZATROL CAM – Programs can be made, edited and checked anytime in the office    

A machine operator can easily use the MAZATROL CAM since the operation method is the same as the CNC mounted on a machine    


SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY incorporates the new MAZATROL SMOOTHX CNC alongside new machine hardware and servo systems to deliver an improved operator experience, faster machining times and further integrate CNC into the overall factory management system. The result is a breakthrough in CNC which uses intuitive operations in a similar manner to smartphones and tablets.     

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MAZATROL Matrix CAM 2    

Machine programs can be made and then checked for machine interference in the office using the Matrix CAM 2    

MAZATROL CAM Smart 2    

Programming and program checking can be done in the office.    

Laser CADCAM System    

Mazak CADCAM Systems – Indispensable tools to enhance laser machine productivity    

Mazak software provides the optimum processing conditions in order to maximize productivity    

CADCAM Fabrication System    

Mazak Smart System    

  • 2D and 3D CAD/CAM system for sheet metal processing
  • 2D CAD/CAM Nesting
  • CAD function provides short-drawing time for sheet metal drafting
  • Innovative CAD/CAM system that uses 3D solid models
  • Even an inexperienced operator can easily make NC programs for complex shapes from 3D models to considerably increase laser machine utilization

Mazak Smart System Junior.   

  • 2D CADCAM system for sheet metal processing.
  • 2D CAD/CAM Nesting.
  • Wide variety of CADCAM functions for sheet metal processing.
  • The highest nesting sheet utilisation
  • Minimised production time.
  • Handle required work rapidly.


  • 3D CAM System for SPACE GEAR.
  • Mazak space CAM system imports 3D data to make laser cutting programs quickly and reduces the time required to prepare complex 3D programs.
  • Reduce set-up time.
  • Extremely easy fixture making from 3D data.
  • Automatic Fixture Date Generation by SPACE CAM Software.


  • 3D CADCAM system for pipe processing.
  • Produce an accurate, tight-fit pipe joint by 3D modelling.
  • Even an inexperienced operator can easily make NC programs for complex shape from 3D models.
  • Off-line programming will reduce the “beam-on” time of the laser processing machine.

Laser CNC Systems

Mazak laser processing machine CNC systems

The revolutionary MAZATROL CNC, developed exclusively by Mazak, was first used on metal cutting machine tools in 1981.
This unique system also has been used on Mazak lasers for almost 30 years.
By incorporating the most advanced technology possible, these systems provide unsurpassed ease of operation and high performance.

Higher productivity bu high-speed, high-accuracy control. 

  • Advanced hardware - State of the art CPU for unsurpassed operation speed. High-response, high-speed machine motion
  • Optimum acceleration/deceleration for the reduction of cutting time - Tolerance control ensures high-speed corner cutting
  • Improved laser operation responsiveness - Laser control is improved to generate optimum laser power in the minimum time improved performance for fly cutting and sharp edge cutting
  • Large 19” LCD display with touch screen operation - Operates similar to your smartphone/tablet for increased ease of operation
  • Switches - Large switches and easy-to-see LED light prevents operation errors. If a function button cannot be used during a particular operation, it is clearly indicated by the button illumination. Buttons and switches are grouped according to function for ease of operation.

Unsurpassed speed of operation with touch screen CNC

  • Advanced CNC MAZATROL PREVIEW 3 - The MAZATROL PREVIEW 3 CNC features touch screen operation for improved response and ease of operation. The programming of simple shapes is easily done by selecting cutting patterns.
  • 15" touch screen
  • Graphics screen - 3D display of cutting path can be displayed after entering data.
  • Direct MDI - Increased programming efficiency is ensured by inputting necessary item when nozzle changing or adjusting gap distance.
  • Automatic determination of processing conditions - The required lens, nozzle, feedrate and laser output are automatically determined by the CNC for different materials and thicknesses. Cutting conditions can be edited while monitoring operation and registered in the CNC. The next time the same material is processed, the new cutting conditions will automatically be used.
  • Swivelling CNC operation panel with adjustable height - The operator can easily bring the CNC operation panel to the desired position for machine set-up or torch inspection

By incorporating advanced Mazak technology, the Mazak FX CNC provides outstanding ease of operation in addition to high productivity to SPACE GEAR and FABRI GEAR models.


  • All-in-one - The Mazak FX CNC controls the laser processing machine and loaders/unloaders.
  • High Performance - The optimum cutting conditions are automatically determined at high speed as the feed rate changes. Thanks to the high-speed smooth beam centre point control system of the simultaneous 6-axis control, smooth high-speed cutting at corners is realised.
  • Cutting conditions database
  • Quick programme restart function - Function retains the position in its memory and can restart the machine from the point where it stopped.

Mazak Cyber Production Center    

Comprehensive Factory Management Software    

By using a network, this software can manage your factory in real-time by providing accessibility to machine data, machining programs, fixture data, tool data, production schedules and other data    

Cyber Tool Management    

Comprehensive control of all tool data over a network minimizes machine non-cutting time due to tool setups    

Cyber Scheduler    

Easily displays current workloads on all machines and estimated completion time when new jobs are added.    

Cyber Monitor    

Conveniently check machine operation and job process status in office or off-site location.