Mazak is the largest manufacturer of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, with a production history of more than 27 years.    

The PALLETECH SYSTEM is designed with the flexibility required for shorter product life cycles, minimum in-process inventory, just-in-time production and other demands of today’s manufacturing environment.    

PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell.    

We offer the PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell (1 level) and PALLETECH High Rise System (2, 3 levels) according to your production volume and budget.    

Furthermore, the PALLETECH System is designed for convenient system expansion after the initial installation to easily respond to increased production requirements in the future.    

Multi Pallet Pool (MPP)

The Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) offers high-speed pallet transfer and further extended unmanned running, compared to twin or six pallet automation systems. Specifically designed for unmanned lights out running, the configuration on display at EMO will feature a 16 station MPP, but a smaller 10 pallet version is also available. The MPP has an economic footprint – up to 40% smaller than a comparable PALLETECH system – and is controlled using the Smooth CNC, which is equipped with Mazak’s SMOOTH MPP software application. Smooth MPP facilitates advanced scheduling functions, faster analysis of production results and more efficient system utilisation and can be accessed remotely on PCs and smart phones.


Easy-to-programme robot cell integrated with Mazak’s Smooth CNC, ideal for small to medium lots sizes. Automated robot arm for loading and unloading of workpieces. Ideal for applications that require lights-out unmanned running overnight or at weekends, both the machine tool and the robot are controlled from the Mazak Smooth CNC, which provides a seamless interface and extremely fast set-up.

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Gantry Loader (GL)

A gantry robot with separate loading and unloading hands to enable end-users to achieve the fast takt times demanded by mass production. What’s more, with a width of just 1750mm, the GL automation system is ideal for small floor spaces.

Gantry robots are a very effective system to automatically load material and unload workpieces for unmanned operation over extended periods of time    

e-BOT cell.    

The e-BOT Cell 720 is designed to realize up to 720 hours of unmanned operation per month in the machining of a wide variety of workpieces. Even for changes in production lot sizes, labor requirements are minimal.    


In order to realise unmanned operation over extended periods of time, tools required for machining must be in the machine magazines. By the use of the TOOL TRANSPORT SYSTEM, multiple machines can share and manage tools according to the machining schedule.

Laser FMS    

Extensible Manufacturing Cell    

Designed for convenient system expansion after the initial installation

OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL material stocker (10 shelves) + loader / unloader + finished work table   

Compact Manufacturing Cell    

10 pallets with material and finished worksheets can be stored in the stocker. The number of micro-joints used can be minimized since the finished worksheets are unloaded to the stocker with the pallet. Time for finishing operations can also be reduced.



The loader and unloader units each have a separate drive system instead of one used for both. As a result, the operation time of each unit is much faster when compared to a conventional system. By loading and unloading the pallets at the same position, factory floor space is used more efficiently.

OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL + QUICK CELL 3015 shown with optional 6-pallet stocker

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