Gantry Loader 

Gantry Loader (GL) automation provides high speed, high accuracy workpiece transfer and loading/unloading for unmanned operation over extended periods of time. Different specification work loader hands and work conveyors are available for a wide range of Mazak machine tools.


Gantry loader automation for multi-tasking machines

Multi-Tasking Machines + Gantry Loader

GL series for extended periods of automatic operation

  • High-speed gantry loader ensures higher productivity
  • 2-pallet workpiece conveyor at front and rear allows the setup of next job during machining of the current one
  • Wide variety of gantry loaders to meet your production requirements


Applicable Machines

MULTIPLEX W Series GL-100, GL-150, GL-200, GL-300, GL-400
INTEGREX i Series GL-5-F, GL-75F, GL-100F, GL-150F, GL-200F, GL-300F, GL-400F, GL-500F


Gantry loader automation for CNC turning centresCNC Turning Centers + Gantry Loader

New gantry loader meets a variety of automation requirements

  • Flexible installation - conveyor can be located on machine right or left side, measurement equipment can be added and can connect 2 machines
  • By adding automatic door and robot I/F, gantry loader can be field installed on QUICK TURN's*
  • Different specification work loader hands and gantry loaders are available to meet a wide range of production requirements


Applicable Machines

QUICK TURN* & QT-COMPACT Series GL-30, GL-50, GL-100, GL-150, GL-200, GL-300
*Not available on the QUICK TURN 400, 450 series  


Gantry loader automation for horizontal machining centres


Horizontal Machining Centers + Gantry Loader

Compact production line with gantry loader

Designed for large volume production for automotive components for the machining of components such as engine blocks and cylinder head.Gantry loader automation for horizontal machining centres









Gantry Loader Videos

See how the Quick Turn 200MA turning center with Gantry Loader automation (GL-50) can meet a wide variety of automation requirements with high speed.

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MULTIPLEX W-300Y CNC turning center with GL-100 gantry loader automation for improved efficiency. 

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