Product: Laser

Precision 3D Fiber Laser cutting of long pipes and structural materials

The FG-220 is designed for precision 3D cutting of long tubes (with round, square, rectangular, and triangular cross-sections) and structural materials (such as I and H beams, angle iron, and additional user-defined shapes).

Exceptional productivity results from the combination of the laser machine’s fiber resonator and the capacity to perform multiple processes including cutting, drilling, tapping, which leads to significantly reduced in-process times.

Mazak’s proprietary 3D laser cutting head with an extended range of movement across an A-and a B-axis expands on the array of possible applications. The FG-220 enables machining at any desired angle and from various directions, thus achieving even complex shapes, as well as tight joint-fits.

Key features:

  • The 3D cutting head with A-axis and B-axis can process a broader range of materials at any desired angle.
  • 4 chucks system gives greater processing stability and high accuracy cutting by preventing material distortion during processing.
  • Run multiple processes in one machine, from 3D cutting to tapping, when equipped with the optional tapping unit.
  • Low running cost thanks to fiber technology
  • Equipped with the advanced Mazak FX control with 15” screen, includes integrated tech tables that simplify operation.
  • Available in 4 kW Fiber laser resonator configuration.