Product: Laser

Laser Tube Processing Machine specifically designed for the high-speed cutting of small & medium tubes up to 152.4mm diameter in large-lot and for high productivity.

Max. material length for loading

6500mm (8000mm option)
Max. loading capacity 150kg (180kg option) per single tube
Max. bundle loader capacity 4 tons
Max. material length for unloading

3000mm (4500 option) in parts
buckets or conveyor belt

  • The FT-150 FIBER is equipped with unloading functions, from standard solutions to automatic sorting systems, for continuous production over extended periods
  • The sorting system can sort and unload small, medium and large finished parts in 4 different areas
  • The FT-150 FIBER is designed for maximum productivity and can perform multiple processes including cutting, drilling, tapping and thermal drilling all in the same machine. 
  • Innovative features in the cutting head equipped with additional U-axis for ultra high-speed cutting

  • The FT-150 FIBER’s tilting laser head enables highly accurate bevel cutting
  • “Internal Spatter Guard” option prevents spatter adhering inside the workpiece and to avoid internal surface burning
  • “Visual Seam Locator” option detects welding seam on tubes thanks to a high-performance camera and image analyzing software.
  • When a bent or twisted tube is processed, alignment of cut holes cannot be achieved. With the “Work Center Location” option, which detects and compensates bend / twist, it is possible to improve alignment and accuracy.