Product: Horizontal

It is equipped with a variety of countermeasures for heat displacement to ensure stable accuracy over long periods of operation, providing the same machining accuracy as a Jig-borer.

µ Series

High Speed, high accuracy Horizontal Machining Centers

Machine construction and countermeasures for heat displacement to ensure high continuous machining accuracy. Temperature controlled traverse axes and high rigidity indexing table provides stable high accuracy machining.

µ series high torque, high speed spindle for high efficiency machining.

Machine Specifications

Standard Machine Values
CAPACITY Maximum workpiece diameter 1,450 mm
Maximum workpiece height 1,450 mm
X-axis travel (column right and left) 1,400 mm
Y-axis travel (spindle up and down) 1,200 mm
Z-axis travel (table back and forth) 1,325 mm
SPINDLE (standard) Spindle taper hole 7/24 taper: No.50 BIG PLUS
Spindle speed maximum 4,000 min-¹
TABLE & PALLET Pallet width 800 mm
Pallet length 800 mm
ATC TOOL MAGAZINE No. of tool pockets (standard) 60
Tool shank MAS BT-50/ BBT-50/ CAT-50/ HSK-A-100
MACHINE SIZE Width 3,881 mm
Length 8,186 mm